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The Tzaneen, Haenertsburg, Magoebaskloof and surrounding areas offer a wide variety of opportunities for novice as well as professional fisherman to cast their lines and try their expertise on whatever species of fish they choose to angle.

Public Waters:

Dap Naude Dam , for Carp and Kurper – This dam is set in the beautiful and tranquil surroundings of the Woodbush Forest Reserve.
Phone – 015-276 4905

Stanford Lake , for Trout, Bass and Kurper– Access to these waters is at Stanford Lake College on the R71.
Phone – 015-276 4905

Ebenezer Dam – Try your luck for Trout as well as Bass and Kurper - access to the water and picnic spots is at "Old Smokey". Day visitors - R5.00 / Children - R5.00.
Phone – 015-276 5047

Tzaneen Dam – For the best bass fishing, travel five kilometres to Hans Merensky Nature Reserve or drive down to the town of Tzaneen and turn right into Aqua Park. Drive down Aqua Avenue until you find the entrance to Jetty 3 of the Tzaneen Boat Club. A small entrance fee will be charged.

Tzaneen Dam was built in 1976. The dam was originally created to supply the farmers of irrigation water. The dam has a capacity of 157,291,000 cubic meters of water and a Surface area of 1,163.6 hectares.

The Tzaneen Dam

Tzaneen dam is situated about 8km from Tzaneen in the Limpopo province. Even though the dam is man made it melts in so perfectly with the surroundings that you would think that it is a natural lake.

The dam is run by the Department of Water Affairs and is situated in a beautiful part of the world making it possible for both the angler and his family to truly enjoy everything that nature has to offer.

Tzaneen dam receives its water from both the Groot Letaba and the Ramadiepa rivers.

Tzaneen Dam Fishing Tips, Spots & Fishing Bait

Carp Bait: If you are at Tzaneen Dam carp fishing you should use yellow mealie (maize) Pips, white maize and Tiger Nuts to get the best results.

Flavors: Go as plain as possible. If you do want to use a flavor go tiger nut or sweetcorn.

Groundbait: Use a particle mixture of pre-cooked hemp, mini tiger nuts and kaboem. Crush them up a bit to release more flavor into the water.

Fishing Tip: This dam has a LOT of snags so always make sure that you have a boat or canoe ready to go after the carp. Use a fishfinder to find the underwater structures where the carp are hiding. There use to be old roads, buildings and trees where the dam is now so there is a lot of good places to find carp.

Yellow Fish Bait: Mealies and earthworms.

Barbel / Catfish Bait: Platannas and Earthworms.

Blood Groundbait: For more information read here

Curpers: Earthworms and Brown Bread mixed with Maroek.

Groundbait: Use Maroek at Tzaneen.

Black Bass: Flukes in a Watermelon & watermelon candy color with a slightly spiked tail if you can find them. Spinner bait are also a great option in Plain White or White & Chartruese. Next you can try Brushogs/Lizards in either a watermelon candy or a green pumpkin color also with the spiked tail. If you are a fan of Jigs then you can have a go at a black and blue colored one. Trick worms in junebug, green pumpkin or pink also deliver great results.

Fishing Tip: In the mornings fish using topwaters and spinner baits in the shallows. Also use top water lures when there is cloud cover. When the sun is up the bass start moving in deeper, depending on the weather that day the bass will be between 6ft to 25ft deep.

There are crocodiles and hippos in this dam so please don't swim in the shallow waters and keep a look out at night, especially at the side of the dam. Remember in Africa hippos have the right of way.... always.

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